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Variable Voltage Battery + Smart Charger Deal

Pick up a variable voltage battery at a reduced price with the purchase of a CBD cartridge.  If you don't already have a compatible battery (4v or less pen battery with a 510 connection), you will need a battery to use your cartridge.
Variable voltage battery
  • 2.4 v, 3.2 v, 4.0 v
  • Preheating function - 30 seconds at 1.2 v
  • Battery charge indication
  • 230 - 330 puffs per full charge
  • Standard 510 threading
Dual mode USB smart charger
  • Two charging modes
  • Rapid-charge Veedverks variable voltage battery in 40 minutes
  • Overload, overcurrent, and short circuit protection
  • Standard 510 threading

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