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Carl Long NASCAR Hero Card

In May 2017, owner-driver Carl Long announced that he had reached an agreement with NASCAR to return to its premier “Cup” series for the first time since 2009, when his small team was suspended and issued a record fine for running a leased motor that was 0.17 cubic inches over regulation during practice for a non-points-paying race.  All he needed was a sponsor.

Although they had approved the sponsorship, NASCAR made Carl remove Veedverks’ logo from his hood during practice for his return to Cup racing at the Go Bowling 400 at Kansas Motor Speedway.  Due to a typo and evidently no access to Google, NASCAR thought the sponsor was Veeoverks, a non-existent company.  In reality, Carl’s sponsor was Veedverks, a major brand in the burgeoning legal hemp/cannabis industry.

Veedverks told Carl to keep the money and go race.  Carl started 40th and finished 31st in the first NASCAR Cup car ever to be sponsored by a cannabis company.