Product Support

We at Veedverks take pride in making things right with our customers.  If you have run into a problem or have questions, please review the options below, and don't be afraid to ask us for assistance.  

Veedverks Quick Start Guide  Veedverks Quick Start Guide - A little overwhelmed by everything in your new starter kit?  Our Quick Start Guide will get you up to speed in no time.  

Quick Start Video  Quick Start Video

How to Use the Veedverks Variable Voltage BatteryHow to Use the Veedverks Variable Voltage Battery - Here are more details on how the Veedverks Variable Voltage Battery works.  

Battery Operation Video  Battery Operation Video

  Battery Troubleshooting Video - Blinking white or red light?  The explanations are here.

How to Use the Veedverks Fast ChargerHow to Use the Veedverks Smart Charger - Here is everything you need to know about the Veedverks Smart Charger.  

Veedverks Charger Operation Guide  Charger Operation Video

Cooking and Dosing with CBD IsolateCooking and Dosing with CBD Isolate - Here are instructions on how to reliably administer CBD isolate in your daily regimen.  Also includes a recipe for CBD-infused oatmeal cookies!  

Frequently Asked Questions - Check here to see answers to the questions we often get about our product.

Still have questions?  Ask us!

Do you have a malfunctioning or defective product?  
We are sorry if our product is not working for you.  We rigorously test all of our batteries, cartridges, and chargers before shipping, but on rare occasions a defect may slip through.  Have no fear.  Visit our warranty page and let us know what problem you are having.  We will do everything we can to correct the situation.