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Veedverks is proud to actively support the cannabis industry through education, sponsorship, legislative assistance, and monetary contributions.  Below are some of the many organizations and campaigns we have advocated over the years.

Talk to the Hand 6630507


Talk to the Hand - 6630507: This seven-digit number is the registered patent held by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services documenting medicinal benefits of cannabis, including antioxidant and neuroprotective qualities.  The patent was filed in 1999 and published in 2003.  This has led to the U.S. government relaxing its stance on cannabis and opening it up for more scientific research and discovery, right?


The Drug Enforcement Agency has continued to classify cannabis as a Schedule I substance in accordance with the Controlled Substances Act.  Even recently, the DEA has claimed that science does not support the usefulness of cannabis for medical purposes.  This places cannabis in the same legal classification as heroin and LSD, a classification more restrictive than that of crystal meth and crack cocaine.

The entity claiming rights to the therapeutic benefits of cannabis is the same one criminalizing its use by patients.
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American Medical Refugees

American Medical Refugees - adjective meaning: a person or persons who are citizens or residents in the United States of America who relocated from their preferred area of living, residence, community, in order to avoid persecution and prosecution for medicinal cannabis treatment. Many "medical marijuana refugees" must leave their employment or business, their social support network, including family and friends, and sacrifice belongings in an effort to relocate to a state that allows medical treatment with all-natural cannabis medications. Refugees usually face a debilitating condition, chronic or terminal illness, for themselves or a loved one, are suffering from potentially lethal side effects or damage from pharmaceuticals or have been told by doctors that "there is nothing else that can be done". AMR is based in Colorado, a "cannabis safe state" (a state where cannabis is legal to access medicinally in whole plant, full spectrum form). "hundreds of families flocked to Colorado as medical refugees in an attempt to save their child's life" 
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Veedverks and the American Medical Refugees Team Up to Sponsor a Monster Truck

Colorado MAMMA Bringing Children to the Capitol to Urge Governor Hickenlooper to Sign Autism Bill

Mothers Advocating Medical Marijuana for Autism (MAMMA) - Mothers Advocating Medical Marijuana is a 501(c)(3) organization that was founded in 2014 to address the lack of safe, affordable medical options for autism spectrum disorders. MAMMA believes that therapeutic cannabis can help treat those affected by the growing autism epidemic. MAMMA currently has active chapters in six states and their mission to include autism in medical marijuana laws is gaining momentum across the country. For more information go to:

Colorado MAMMA Bringing Children to the Capitol to Urge Governor Hickenlooper to Sign Autism Bill