Hemp Root Salve with CBD

Flora's Hemp Root Salve is made from scratch using fresh, locally/organically grown hemp roots. We infuse Organic Goldenseal Root and Flora's dried Hemp Roots into Organic Coconut Oil. This salve is mild and sweet smelling with a light coconut taste. It has a lovely feel — nice and firm and slightly sticky, but not too greasy.

Flora's Hemp Root Salve can be used on your skin, hair and lips (It's GREAT lip balm!) as well as for cuticles, rough heels, itchy spots and more. (When I was little, my mom made a very basic salve using Goldenseal Root and Petroleum Jelly. We used it for all skin ailments as well as burns and insect bites. With the addition of Hemp Roots and Organic Coconut Oil to replace the petroleum products, Flora's Hemp Root Salve is leaps and bounds beyond that home remedy!) Can also be used on your pet and it's ok if they lick it off since it's all food based ingredients like organic coconut oil (Whenever I use it on my skin, LaLa LOVES it and I have to shoo her away from trying to lick it all off!) :)

HEMP ROOT SALVE INGREDIENTS: Coconut Oil*, Beeswax*, Colorado Grown Hemp Roots, Almond Oil*, Hemp Seed Oil*, Shea Butter*, Goldenseal Root Powder*, Argan Oil*, Colorado Grown & Processed 99.9% Pure CBD Isolate, Kukui Nut Oil* & Vitamin E Oil*. (*CERTIFIED ORGANIC)

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