Veedverks CBD vape pen smart charger with normal and fast charging modes

How to Use the Veedverks Fast Charger

December 17, 2016

The Veedverks Fast Charger is included with each Veedverks Variable Voltage Battery sold, both in the Starter Kit and the Veedverks Variable Voltage Battery standalone package.  Its sole purpose is to recharge the battery by connecting the battery to a standard USB port. 

Both the Veedverks Starter Kit and the Veedverks Variable Voltage Battery standalone package include the following instructions/reference for battery operation:

Instructions for Veedverks fast charger for hemp CBD vape pensCharging instructions for Veedverks variable voltage CBD vape pen batteries

The four components of the Veedverks charger are explained below.

USB Connector

This plugs into any standard USB port.  It can be used on a computer/laptop or any plug-in AC-to-USB adapter. 

Mode Selection Button

Although this may not look or feel like a button, it behaves like one. Touching the Veedverks "V" logo changes the charging mode. The modes are explained in the Charger Operation section below. 

Mode Indicator Light

This light indicates the current charging mode. It will either be green, yellow, or red. The green, yellow, or red color should not be confused with the green, yellow, orange or red indicated by the LED Light on the Veedverks Variable Voltage Battery. The light on the battery indicates the battery’s charge. This Mode Indicator Light only tells the user what mode the charger is in. The modes are listed below:

  • Green indicates that the charger is currently NOT CHARGING. If you plug the charger into a USB port without a battery connected, the indicator light will be green.
  • Yellow indicates NORMAL CHARGING mode. This is the preferred charging method to prolong the life of the battery. 
  • Red indicates RAPID CHARGING mode. This is a faster method of charging the battery, but repeatedly charging in RAPID CHARGING mode could decrease the overall life of the battery. 

510 Connector

This threaded female 510 port screws on to the male counterpart on the Veedverks Variable Voltage Battery. 

Charger Operation

To charge, simply screw the battery on to the 510 Connector on the charger then plug the USB Connector into any powered USB port. The LED Light on the battery will indicate its charge. When it reaches a full charge, it will turn green. Unplug the charger and battery. 

To switch to RAPID CHARGING mode, touch the Mode Selection Button while the charger is plugged in. The Mode Indicator Light will turn from yellow to red. To switch back to NORMAL CHARGING mode, just unplug the charger from the USB power source and unscrew the battery. Wait a few seconds, and the charger will have reverted to its default NORMAL mode. 

Note: The easy way to remember NORMAL/RAPID modes is that the charger will always default back to NORMAL mode when it is not connected to any power source.  Unplugging it from the USB port is only removing one source of power. Of course, the battery itself is a source of power, so that has to be removed, too. The change will occur automatically, and the charger will be back to NORMAL mode the next time it is plugged in to a USB port.