7 Hidden Benefits of CBD Oil on Your Hair and Scalp

7 Hidden Benefits of CBD Oil on Your Hair and Scalp

June 30, 2019

by Jessica Smith

By now, the chances are that you are familiar with CBD. This product has become a buzz, and as time goes by, more benefits that relate to CBD keep showing up. There are lots of hidden benefits of CBD, among them being how great it is for the scalp. If you are not sure if CBD is right for your scalp and hair yet, here are top ways in which it is good to give it a try.

It Contains Vitamin, Which Is Good or The Hair

Vitamin is one of the ingredients that you need to enhance healthy and strong hair. CBD oil contains fatty acids and Vitamin E, which works as a palliative to sooth the hair and also, helps in water retention, thus giving your hair a softening effect. You can also use it to eliminate dandruff, open hair follicles removing wax, oil, and other elements that could clog the follicles and prevent hair growth.

It Contains Omega Vitamins for Strong Scalp

The other benefit to expect from using CBD oil for your hair is a strong scalp. The oil contains omega 3, 6, and 9, which are all good from the scalp tissue. Healthy scalp tissue is in return, good for fast follicles growth and expansion, which in return helps in the rapid hair growth and enhancing its health.


Protect the Pigment Cells

CBD oils contain Linolenic acid, fatty acids, and Gamma Linolenic acid, all of which are responsible or healthy pigment cells. These acids are like a block that prevents the scalp cells from destructions and keep your scalp strong. Using CBD on your hair will strengthen the pigment cells within the hair follicle, which is also a great way of enhancing the growth and expansion of the follicles, thus healthy hair.

Enhances Hair Growth

As mentioned, CBD oil contains fatty acids, which are suitable for the promotion of hair growth. Fatty acids are a kind of proteins and are foods for the cells. The proteins are much like what the roots of the follicles produce, and that is why it is excellent for the hair. When you use CBD oils, you will be feeding the follicle hence speeding up hair growth. 

Protect and Strengthen Your Hair

This happens to be the main reason why most people prefer using CBD oils for their hair. Hair strands originate from protein. Probably, your hair stylist has told you to use a protein-based treatment to strengthen your hair, but you have no idea why. Protein is the main component that you need to eliminate weak hair, hair fallouts, and slow growth. Luckily with CBD, it contains 21 amino acids, which come together to create a block of protein. When you use it regularly, it will help in strengthening and fortifying the hair.

What's more? It contains fatty acids which moisturize and seal the hair cuticle. It also contains antioxidants such as Vitamins A and C, which protects your hair from environmental damages.

Contains A Generous Amount of Linolenic Acid and Gamma

Linoleic acid and linolenic gamma are the acids responsible for sustaining and maintaining healthy hair growth. By this, it means that you do not have to worry about slow hair growth after a few months. Instead, when you use CBD, your hair will keep growing or a little longer, which is perfect if you are looking to have long hair that you can hold in a bun. Most individuals tend to struggle with this problem, whereby their hair remains in a stagnant length for years. If you admire long hair, one that you can play with to attain all styles, this is the chance for you. Use CBD oil regularly and see the results for yourself.

It Will Normalize Your Scalp

We tend to put our hair under too much pressure, all from styling, straightening, blow-drying, flat ironing, and washing to spraying the hair. All these pressure as you try to obtain the best style throw your scalp's balance off, and this is not good for your hair. The things you do on your hair and scalp daily will wreak it, especially the hair follicles. This is the main reason you are experiencing hair loss. CBD is here to save you from the trouble by normalizing your scalp and its balance. Its ingredients, which are the Omega 3, 6, and 9 plus fatty acids, are essential for cleansing the hair and enhancing its strength. They are perfect for balancing the natural oils and protecting your scalp from dandruff production. Regardless of what you do the hair, whether it is dying, bleaching, or using too much heat on it, you will still be good to go.

The benefits of CBD oil on the scalp and hair are endless, and these are the main ones, not to mention that it rejuvenates the hair and makes it glow. If you are struggling with weak hair, dandruff, hard to comb or style or does not grow anymore, try getting CBD oil the next time you order budget buds online, and use it on your hair. The best part is that it is super affordable, and the results are a guarantee.