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Veedverks Makes NASCAR History with Carl Long Sponsorship

May 21, 2017

On May 13, 2017, Veedverks made history as the first cannabis company to ever sponsor a U.S. professional sport.  We sponsored NASCAR driver Carl Long, number 66, as he made his comeback to the sport after being banned since 2009.  The Veedverks logo graced the hood of Long's car in preparation for the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series at Kansas Speedway... until it was ordered to be removed from the car the day before the race by NASCAR officials.  

Veedverks stood by its commitment to sponsor Carl, even if our logo was reduced to "DENVER COLORADO www.   .com."  The missing logo got more attention than it would have if it remained on the car for the race.  And the move by NASCAR to remove the logo eclipsed our pioneering move into professional sports.  Not our intention, but we'll gladly take the attention.

Carl Long's NASCAR MENCS car after removal of Veedverks hood decal

Just a simple Google search of "Veedverks NASCAR" will bring up pages of stories that ran nationwide.  A look at some of the opinion pieces and comment sections reveals that we really started a few conversations:

  • Who dropped the ball on this whole mix-up?  Was it because of a misspelling on the paperwork, or did someone not do their homework?
  • Is it right to ban a hemp vape company, but to allow alcohol and prescription drug companies to advertise on racers' cars?
  • With public perception of cannabis becoming more accepting, will the federal government relax its stance on cannabis as an illicit substance?
  • Do news media outlets know the difference between the words "marijuana," "hemp," and "cannabis?"  (The answer to this one is clearly NO.) 

We are grateful to have had a part in igniting these conversations, and we appreciate the overwhelming support we have received from our customers, NASCAR fans, and the general public – not to mention Carl Long and his crew.  They have been magnificent through the entire ordeal.

We should also add that we hold no ill will against NASCAR.  It is their organization, and we recognize that we need to adhere to their policies.  We hope that one day we will be able to make a return to the track with their blessing.  

Now that the dust has settled, we look ahead.  We will continue to support our our customers, number 66, and the cannabis industry in general.  Look for our follow-on foray into professional sponsorship – the next blimp you see circling the stadium might not be selling tires...

On a final note, no matter what side of the issues you fall on, you can't help but laugh at the sense of humor of Carl's public relations team.  After having us stripped off the hood, word has it they pursued Ortho as their next hood sponsor.  Yes, that's right... the makers of Weed-B-Gon!