The Veedverks Airship Hovers over Front Range terrain.

Last Week's Guests on our Mighty Airship

October 03, 2019

On last Tuesday's "Live from the Mighty Veedverks Airship" Bec Koop with Irie Weddings and Events joined us to invite you to "A Night at the Cabaret" presented by Mason Jar Events, Cannabis Doing Good and Irie Weddings and Events. These organizations have joined forces to host this decadent event to raise money for Planned Parenthood of the Rockies. Many of our lower income refugee families use and rely on this organization for cancer screenings, women's health issues and referrals to doctors for treatments.  The first annual Cannabis Doing Good awards will be presented during the event. Get your tickets while they last! Email for more information.
Thursday's show was definitely one not to be missed! It was so exciting to have Liana Cameris and Ron Kolb from Sensi Magazine on the airship. Sensi is more than a cannabis publication, it's a powerhouse of community organizing using their unique events and the power of the written word in their city specific publications.  Sensi is a lifestyle magazine filled with local art and culture that incorporates cannabis with the goal of helping communities grow past the stigmatized "stoner" counterculture stereotype. Ron explains his visions and concept of "Shifting the culture" by creating a magazine for people who love cannabis and their cities! Inspiring and personal, it was a absolute pleasure to bring our viewers this inside scoop on such a powerful organization within our community. 
And don't forget "The Green Crayon Campaign! Go to to get your letter and green crayon to send to Governor Polis and say #IstandwithBen #IstandwithMarley No child should have to be at risk  by not having their cannabis medicines at school!